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Laparoscopy (non invasive key hole surgery) is a procedure which allows the surgeon to see the organs inside the abdomen and pelvis. 

A laprascope is inserted into the abdomen via a small incision (5/10mm) The laprascope is fitted with a video camera and light source. Images of the abdomen and pelvic organs are displayed onto a video monitor and photographs are taken. 

A laparoscopy is performed to diagnose and investigate

  • pelvic pain

  • period problems 

  • infertility

Or to Operatively treat

  • tubal ectopic pregnancy

  • adhesions 

  • fibroids (myomectomy)

  • uterus (hysterectomy)

Benefits of Laparoscopy over traditional open surgery

Most of the time , laparoscopy replaces the need for open surgery , therefore

reduces pain after surgery

reduce risk of bleeding

less scaring (keyhole)

shorter recovery time 

faster mobility after surgery 

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