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In today's day and age we live busy lifestyles filled with plans, schedules and obligations.

Unfortunately, sometimes that means post surgical recovery is unintentionally overlooked.

It is quite easy to over exert yourself

if you are feeling better than you had anticipated post surgically.


All surgery requires a period of rest & recovery regardless of how badly the house needs cleaning or washing is piling up, your health is your most important asset, the other stuff can wait.

The period of time and extent of post surgical recovery varies greatly dependent on the type and nature of the surgery. For some it might be a few days bed rest while for others it may mean intensive ongoing rehabilitation.

Other factors that can greatly affect Recovery after surgery can include:

  • your age

  • your health before the surgery

  • the extent of your injuries

  • the success of your rehabilitation

  • the amount of rest you get.

Pre surgical Consultation:

Dr Saj will discuss with your prior to surgery the type/nature of the surgery discuss any risks and provide you with some literature regarding the surgery. This is also good opportunity for you to discuss the following questions:

  • your expected date of discharge: DAYSTAY/ INPATIENT STAY

  • your expected recovery and how long it should take

  • any extra services you might need at home, such as wound care

  • any aids and equipment you will need to help you to recover and regain your independence.

Other things to consider prior to surgery:

  • your living arrangements (for example, if you live alone, whether someone can be there to help, what services you currently receive, and if you have caring commitments of your own, such as children: ie: cooking , school drop offs, supermarket runs, general home duties do you have a people to help you with these tasks to avoid pushing yourself and compromising your recovery.

  • any possible restrictions on your activities, such as lifting, or driving a car

  • work / leave requirements

The Road home... prior to Discharge

Understanding your medication:

Prior to discharge it is important that you understand what medication you need to take, how you need to take it and how often.

If you are unclear or need more information, ask a nurse or Dr Saj for more information.

Post surgical Appointments

Prior to discharge you will be provided with a post surgical appointment to follow up with Dr Saj in his rooms to asses your recovery sometimes this can we a few weeks to a few months time.

He will also send correspondence to your GP to inform them of your surgery and outcome.

If you require any medical or carers certificate you can contact Dr Saj rooms and we can arrange these for you.

Something doesn't feel right ? If you are struggling with your recovery emotionally,or

you are unsure if what you are experiencing is normal ?

Always contact our rooms for advice...we are just a phone call away Ph: 5222 8858

Your post surgical recovery will be most effective if you are mentally and physically prepared.

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